Model Answer 1

The line graph determines the report on energy consumption in the USA from 1980, with prognostications to 2030.

As can be noticed from the graph, all types of energy experienced an upward trend in consumption except for hydropower. Moreover, petrol and oil can be considered as the most favorite source of energy.

It is apparent that in 1980, petrol and oil consumption was the highest at 35 quadrillion units, followed by coal and natural gas at 20 and 16 quadrillion units. Nuclear, solar/wind energy and hydropower were considerably low in consumption at only 4 quadrillion. Over the span of this period, variant fluctuations is predicted in the consumption of all types of energy, all in an upward direction, except for hydropower, which is expected be a plateau at 4 quadrillion.

After 2010, according to the graph, petrol and oil is expected to rise considerably toward the end of the period, peaking at 47 quadrillion units. Coal will conceivably experience the same trend and touch 30 quadrillion units. Natural gas is speculated to level off at 25 quadrillion until 2030. By contrast, it is expected that the three remaining energy sources will continue to be the least used in the future.

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