There is no doubt that the quality of our lives in 21st century has been greatly improved by various scientific and technological advances. Despite this, as being of a mankind, all of us have some other requirements that relate to our spirit and feeling which can be appeased by arts like music and painting. Hence, artists have been highly valued by society, as the arts can give manifold benefits to humans which science cannot!

In my view, there are concepts such as feelings, emotions and inspiration that come from the art, whereas science and technology cannot offer them due to its focus on practicality. Also, we cannot deny miracles which have happened due to music therapies. Art has significant impact on human body and in therapeutic form, music has crossed boundaries to heal a patient which can never be possible by advanced science. For example, while applying drumming therapy, psychoanalysts have started to heal asthma patience. Also, singing practice has healed many patients of stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, which never be cured by modern science. Indeed, in today’s world, different art forms have shown sensations in medical science.

In the other way in which artists can teach us more about life is that enjoying art encourages the habit of self-reflection. If you walk into an art gallery, attend a concert or even just stay in to read a book, you will almost certainly begin to think about your inner values. The tranquil, relaxation and calm any human being needs can easily achieved by variant forms of art.

In conclusion, while advanced science has facilitated us in tremendous way, people still not have overlooked valuable part of our society which is filled with artists and creators just because of their exceptional contribution to the society.

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