Since ancient time people have saying, “Behind every successful man there is a woman”, in fact this assertion can be generalized for a state, country or a nation. I believe, a nation could never make headway if it didn’t respect their women counterparts.

The preface of this statement can be attributed to simple questions: how will one can distinguish between a civilized and uncivilized culture or in fact a developed or an underdeveloped nation? One can answer this question by saying or referring to economic status or rank, but unfortunately it is not! The answer rests in the cherishment of the women from that community. The social order which commits brutality on their weaker members is not only uninhabitable but also underdeveloped as referred to advanced and civilized. For example, many countries of South Asia are still facing troubles to develop just because of having boorish culture where women are facing domestic violence.

So why can’t the societies who don’t respect the women progress, because the intelligence and wisdom of women is unique in every respect. By not acknowledging the efforts of women and depriving them of their rights means improper motherhood for future generations which hence weakens the society. Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Mary Curie, Emily Murphy, Anna Frank and many more, these names don’t need any words to prove themselves, they were the torch bearers and had enlightened the lives of many. They represent the uplifting face of self-service and sacrifice.

To conclude, I would like to say that women are the best gift ever gifted by the God. Disgracing and slandering the women folks will not only invite the anger of Almighty but also call out uncivilized culture.

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