You attended a conference on behalf of your company. Write to your manager about giving a presentation on this conference.

  • Why the conference was helpful
  • What your presentation will be about
  • Why people will be interested to see it


Dear Mr. Mathew,

I am writing this letter for seeking a permission to share a brief presentation apropos to the significant topic “Industrial safety” on which I’ve attended a conference last week at Germany, as a representative of our Company, Safex Inc.

Truly, this conference was very interactive, filled with innovative ideas along with some latest safety pedagogies. This entire 2 days symposium has paved the way to industrial safety, its norms, regulations and innovative ways of implementation. Many of new global safety norms have been discussed for security purpose of industrial workers and surroundings.

Indeed, the discussed minutes I want to present in our company’s upcoming monthly meeting. Since, the updated rules and safety norms are essential to be followed by our organization, I would like to give a systematic 60 minutes presentation on it.

Our staff, especially floor workers and safety department would be more interested to attain this meeting, because this whole discussion is in the favor of them and obviously, our plant head – Mr. Dan, will be happier to be in this meeting as he is the most concern person for the safety in our organization.

Waiting for your decision and reply on this subject.



Sr. Executuve – EHS

Safex Inc.

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