• For the Academic Task 1, lexical resources are vital to be used in write up.
  • The list you can refer to prepare a good report from any graph or survey.

Vocabulary for describing percentage in academic task 1

  • 60 % - nearly a third
  • 52% - over a half of
  • 2 % - a small fraction
  • 15% - a small minority
  • 24 % - roughly a quarter of, roughly one in four quarters
  • 73 % - around three quarters of
  • 75 % - three quarters
  • 46% - nearly half
  • 85% - a vast majority
  • 31% - just under a third

For Example, look at bar graph and refer the highlighted areas.


The bar chart describes the four main reasons, why employees choose to remain with their existing employers. The survey report, which was done by the recruiting firm, shared the data for different age groups.

Talking about the young age group of 21-30 years, they mainly hold their present job due to having company of colleagues and for the same, around three quarters of this age group people shared their view, while, this was not meant for the employees who have hit the big 40, hardly 35 % shared their interest due to the same!

For the reason of security, a vast majority of people from 46-65 age have been stick with their current company while the working professional from the young age are least bothered for the security. Here, in we can see 60 % of difference between their opinions.

The middle age employees who are from 31 years to 45 years old, they mainly shared reason to be with their current organization is salary, and with this purpose, 60 % of senior workers also agreed.

Surprisingly, for the reason of security hardly 20% of young workers have been with their current job where a small minority (15%) of senior workers shared the matter about to gain experience in the field.


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