You are a university student and have a classmate who is disabled and facing problem to reach one of the university building.

Write a letter to the university authority to provide a facility for disabled students.

What the problem your friend has

Why you are writing on behalf of him/her

What you wish the authority should do


The Salutation

Dear Sir,

The Statement of Purpose

I am the first year Language student and am writing to you concerning a problem I and my friend Lucy frequently encounter while we visit the submission department at J Block.

The Situational Details

However, J block possess attractive architect and stunning campus, it does not provide access to disabled learners. As the submission section is on the 5th floor of the building, my fellow student, who is in wheelchair, is incapable to access it. In this case, whenever she needs to hand in a project or tutorial, she must appeal a classmate to do it for her. I am sure, you can understand the situation which is both tedious and embarrassing for her.

The Statement of request

My friend is embarrassing to communicate with you personally, so I am writing on her behalf. I am requesting that you on the dot alter the entrance’s structure in a manner that permits disabled pupils to access college properties as conveniently as everyone else. Perhaps, this could additionally be best through the installation of an elevator in the J block.

The Farewell

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


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