• The most important part of the letter is, to select and delve the tone of in your writing.
  • Here you will see a complaint latter and underlined areas will indicate the tone of your language.

Sample Letter – for complaining about the problem:

You took your family to a nearby restaurant. You were disappointed with the meal and wish to complain to the manager.
Write a letter to the manager of the restaurant.
  • Explain why you were at the restaurant
  • Describe the problems
  • Write about the action you want the manager to take

Dear Sir,

My self, John, a frequent customer of your restaurant, writing this to express my thwarted incident happened at your eatery, on last Sunday, 5 July.

I took my daughter with her cousins for her birthday dinner, and before giving order, I had already discussed with management about the food as it was for kids. Menu, taste, toppings, everything was already planned and requested to the management for precise execution of it. But, sadly, the food served was not imaginable, totally different than I asked to do! I strictly conveyed message to chef about the food that, please make it least spicy as the party was for kids, but unfortunately, the pizzas – favorite of kids were too spicy, sprinkled with herbs and spices as adults eat..! The worse scenario I must share with you is, the soup I ordered for the dinner was terribly awful, all of kids refused to take it after tasting it once! It was seems to me like, the chef had prepared soup with artificial flavors or some instant soup method. After all these issues, I met coordinator and asked for this mess, she responded me, the chef is on leave and the new one has different way to prepare, and I was speechless at that moment while listening her answer; also, watching a spoiled birthday dinner.

It is extremely unlikely and unacceptable arrangements I have ever seen! Even, this has never happened in past visits of mine. I recommend you to manage your chefs’ work properly and train them professionally in order to serve your customer delicious and distinct cuisine.

Faithfully Yours,


Note :
  • the tone should be little belligerent and no need to use gentle words as you are writing a complain letter.
  • The tone must reflect in your writing which will accelerate your score.

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