A simple essay structure

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

  • Sentence 1 – Background statement
  • Sentence 2 – Detailed background statement
  • Statement 3 – Thesis
  • Statement 4 – Outline sentence

Paragraph 2 – First supporting paragraph

  • Sentence 1 – Topic sentence
  • Sentence 2 – Example
  • Sentence 3 – Discussion
  • Sentence 4 – conclusion

Paragraph 3 – Second supporting paragraph

  • Sentence 1 – Topic sentence
  • Sentence 2 – Example
  • Sentence 3 – Discussion
  • Sentence 4 – conclusion

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion

  • Sentence 1 – summary
  • Sentence 2 – Restatement of Thesis
  • Sentence – Prediction or Recommendation


In order to improve a country’s education system, young students should be allowed to openly criticize their teachers during class time. What is your opinion? What are some other ways education systems could be improved?

Please notice the two sets of action words:

  1. What is your opinion?
  • This area is asking for the student’s position on the subject, and this can be answered in a single sentence.
  1. What are some other ways the education system could be improved?
  • This portion of the question requires a more in-depth answer/response.

Sample answer:

Since the world has revolutionized in the education sector, day by day educators are debating on to develop the teaching system at glance. Here, some folks insist that pupils should involve openly with teachers in criticism during learning sessions. I mostly disagree with this opinion because this drift conveys plentiful drawbacks than actual benefits.

Indeed, there are several unfavourable aspects of criticizing tutors during school hours. First of all, while blaming coaches, most of the students may not respect them. Even, respect towards teachers may be vanished in this case! If learners allow to criticize amenably, will leads to find the weak points of the tutor, not the healthy academic discussion. Secondly, this system may lead to having the fight between teachers and students; and ultimately, this could make them difficult to keep a good relationship. For instance, students could give a wrong answer for a Math exercise, but insist that they are right and this lack of knowledge could make them lose tempered and criticize their teachers.

Despite, teachers who are provided with constant, justifiable and factual evaluation by their pupils would gain a sense of awareness in their teaching style. The educator would then be able to have an understanding of his strengths and weaknesses which could tweak or sharpen to help students easily assimilate their subjects. For instance, a teacher who has been criticized for speaking in a very low voice would then have to try on improving his tone of voice or use a microphone instead. This would greatly upgrade his teaching ability and help students understand the lesson better. Hence, this is the reason people should gravitate to the idea.

To sum up, evaluations provided by students could further improve the teaching skills of educators. However, it could also hamper the teaching style if negative and personal attacks are provided. Personally, I believe that students should be allowed to evaluate their teachers as long they remain professional about their comments.

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