Why Study in Canada is more preferable by Students?


  • Cost Effective & Quality Education System
    • 90+ Universities and 150+ Colleges
  • Easy Visa Policy
  • Students can work during Studies
  • Lots of Job Opportunities
  • Post – Graduate Work permit up to 3 years
  • Great Scholarships
  • Safety, Care and Support to International Students
  • Easiest Path to Get Immigrate/PR in Canada



  • September
  • January
  • May

Categories of Courses


  • Business Management and Economics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Law, Politics, Social, Community Service and Teaching
  • English or Language
  • Health Science, Medicine, Nursing, Paramedic and Kinesiology



  • Undergraduate Level Certificate / Diploma (1-3 Years) / Bachelor’s / First Professional Degree (3-4 Years)
    • IELTS (Academic Module) – Overall 6.0 (Min: 6.0)
  • Post Graduate Certificate / Master’s Degree (1-2 Years)
    • IELTS (Academic Module) – Overall 6.5 (Min: 6.0)



  • Tentative Tution Fees (Approx): 8,000 CAD - 20,000 CAD (per Year)
  • Living Expenses (Approx): 500 CAD - 900 CAD (per Month)
  • GIC Investment Fees: 10,200 CAD (1 Year Deposite)
  • Medical Fees (Approx): 5,000/- INR
  • Visa Fees: 150 CAD (Student Visa Fees) + 85 CAD (Biometric)

Canadian Education System


Certificate: Usually it is a 1 year program and students get Certificate on successfull completing their studies.

Diploma: Usually it's 1 or 2 year program and students get Certificate on successfull completing their studies.

Advanced Diploma: Mostly Advanced Diploma Program duration is of 3 years. After Completing Advanced Diploma Students may get transfer to a Bachelor Degree.

Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor's Degrees can be awarded by Universities / University Colleges / Community Colleges on successful completion of a 4 year program.

Post Graduate Diploma / Certificates: These programs may comprise approximately 2 to 3 semesters of full time study. These certificates holders can get transfer into Master’s Degrees. Its an intense specializations in one subject area and a chance to gain practical experience along with theoretical. Student with a Bachelor Degree of 3 to 4 years may enroll in this program.

Master’s Degree: This is a 2 year program to be pursued after a 4 years Bachelor’s or a 3 years Bachelor’s Degree and a 1 year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada. Bachelor's Students who are very much kine to do research they may applPrograms then expect the student to propose and conduct significant original research culminating in a major project thesis.

Doctorate or PhD: The average duration for complitation of this program is 4 to 7 years. Students who already have Master’s Degree can apply and get high level jobs.

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